Reusable Face Mask with Logo

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Customisable, Reusable and Adjustable Face Mask with refillable virus filtration middle layer.

Reusable Face Mask

Customise your own logo on the Ufresh Reusable Face Mask. 3-layer structure with a refillable virus filtration  middle layer. Adjustable ear loops make this a one-size-fits-all face mask. The outer layer is made with anti-bacterial Ufresh fabric. The inner layer is made of 100% soft-style cotton for extra comfort. Provides effective filtration of bacteria and droplets. Hygienic, sustainable and offers good protection against airborne viruses. Produced in a clean, hygienic and dust-free environment. SGS and Intertek certified.

The middle filtration sheet is an optional item. The cotton mask can also be purchased without the middle filtration sheet for lower costing.

Facing the Corona virus threat, we stress the importance of our personal hygiene, especially face coverings. Users are finding a balance between sustainability, protection and comfort. Why not have all of them under one mask? Instead of using a disposable mask, a reusable face mask might be a consideration for long term workers, in terms of comfort, protection, and sustainability. Due to COVID 19, Reusable Face Mask many workers are showing a decrease in morale and frustration. We provide an option for companies and businesses to print their logo or even design the entire mask front cover with their design.