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As a brand recall tool, premium corporate gifts are highly effective. According to a survey almost 1 in 3 premium gifts recipients showed interest to do business with the brand after receiving the corporate gift.

There is a delightful collection of plush premium corporate gifts in our gift catalog containing gift items that can effortlessly express the hidden emotions while adding a superlative charm to the essence of gifting.

It is no wonder that many companies dole out a significant portion of their marketing budgets on corporate premium gifts, especially during peak seasons for events, exhibitions and tradeshows.

Our premium corporate gifts are of high quality, therefore it stands out from others enabling not only the gifts but also branding on it greater importance and superior visiblity.

From our online service of premium corporate gifts, you can easily buy premium corporate gifts online to mark this grand occasion and it can serve as an excellent way to elevate the moods of such celebrations. Honoring people who are responsible for such successes with these magnificent and alluring gifts incredibly uplifts their happiness and instill a motivation to do more for the growth of their organization.

What are premium gifts?

Premium gifts are presents or tokens of appreciation that businesses regularly give to their customers and guests, mainly for the purpose of brand recall and establishing or maintaining a working relationship.

Premium Corporate gifts in Singapore can range from simple items such as cups, smart phone charges, Eco-Friendly Ball Pens, diaries to exquisite ornaments, Moisturising Baby Lotion and Baby Cream Gift Set What corporate gift to present to your customers typically depends on the strength and value your relationship with the customers.

What makes a great premium gifts? (A Mark of Excellence in the Corporate World )

We focus on your needs and requirements of premium corporate gifts.

Almost everything can be presented as a premium corporate gift, if presented in the relevant context and appropriate situation.

One of the key factors that you need to consider is how would the premium gift idea reflect on your relationship with the gift recipient, as well as your brand image and positioning.

Should the gift’s functionality be tied to the products and services that you sell? Or should the gift be a toy that expresses the casual and fun character of your brand? These are just some of the considerations that you need to take into account with formulating premium gift ideas.

4 great premium gifts ideas to help you get started

1. Insulating mug with lid

Changes are, your customers love coffee. Hot, freshly brewed ones.
Your premium gift of an insulating mug would really come in handy to keep that lovely beverage warm.
When your customers pick it up to take a sip of that perk-me-up, they are literally holding your brand in their hands.

2. Travel Gadget:

If your customer audience is up in the air frequently, this premium gift is just the right fit.
A handy tool that can make the difference of literally powering up your customers’ day when out of town, or leaving them stranded without power to their equipment and disconnected from work.

3. Foldable Stand for smartphone charger:

Everyone is a road warrior one way or another these days, with smartphones and tablets being the daily communication tools of choice.
A premium corporate gift that is in step with our times, a foldable stand is a truly useful tool for maximising the viewing pleasure on your customers’ mobile devices.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

A little bit of music is always helpful to calm the senses and get the mind and body relaxed, especially after a hard day at work.
Let your customers enter a state of serenity with the soothing sounds from your bluetooth speaker. When they are refreshed and recharged, they will associate that positive energy and zest with your corporate gift and your brand.
Make premium corporate gifts your winning marketing strategy in Singapore
It is evident that physical tokens of appreciation in the form of premium gifts still play a significant role in a business’ overall marketing strategy.

You just need to have the right premium gift ideas and of course a trusted and reliable Singapore corporate gift supplier to deliver your needs.

Are you eager to get some premium gifts produced and start spreading your brand love?

Then contact us now and let’s bring your ideas to life!

Premium gifts