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Gatewin specializes in Corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore, offering high quality executive corporate gifts. Corporate gifting is an integral part of a business’ overall marketing strategy and very often, the success (or lack thereof) its execution can make or break a brand’s perception in the market and among its clients.

It is therefore not an overstatement to say that with some much at stake, picking the right corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore for your business gifting projects is absolutely critical to ensure smooth execution and achieving the outcomes that you desire.

Benefits of engaging a corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore

Now, you may be thinking, if business gifting is such an important aspect of my overall marketing efforts, shouldn’t it be safer that I do it myself?

Well, nothing can be further from the truth. It is precisely that this is such an important endeavour that you best it leave to the experts who have years of experience dealing with such work.

When you engage an experienced and reliable gift vendor, the benefits are tremendous. Here are the top ones.

Saves you time

There are many things in your business that require your priority attention and while the sourcing of corporate gifts is not something to be trivia about, it is also a task that you can safely delegate to a trusted gift agency to do the necessary grunt work for you.

Saves you money

You may think that having a corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore to make arrangements for you equates to an additional cost layer. This is actually not true.

More often than not, your corporate gift vendor would have the experience and resources to get you the best possible deals to meet your exact requirements while at the same time ensuring their own profitability.

And when you have established an ongoing relationship with your regular gift agency, you are more likely to be privy of new corporate gifting options as they become available that let you do more with your budget.

Peace of mind

You may think that you know all the ins and outs of negotiating a smooth corporate gift sourcing process after having successfully done it a few times, but your gift agent does this for a living and breathes it every single day.

So, all things being equal, your corporate gift vendor will have much better awareness and sensitivity to potential issues and hiccups that may arise from the most unexpected of situations throughout the entire corporate gift sourcing process.

More importantly, your gift agent will know how to resolve them before they become bigger problems that may derail the project.

Corporate gifts suppliers in singapore having a trusted service provider to take care of the entire process for you means taking a load off your mind and reducing your overall stress.

Key Factors for Choosing a Corporate Gifts Suppliers

Let’s look at the key considerations when evaluating which gift vendor you should work with, as follows:

  • Large quantities of stock that are constantly being updated
  • Ever increasing and diverse range of products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Prompt delivery
  • Customisation capabilities
  • Regular updates of latest gift options
  • Professional conduct

Large quantities of stock that are constantly being updated

The last thing you want to hear from gift vendors is that they don’t have the adequate stock to deliver your orders, especially the urgent ones.

Reordering and additional production typically takes weeks to deliver, a timeline which will almost certainly make your gifting project stop dead in its tracks.

A good gift provider will either have readily available inventory of gift items, or has the resources and connections to pull in extra quantity in short notice when called for it.

Always ask about the corporate gifts suppliers in singapore, their ability and approach to delivering large quantities of gift items as a way to gauge their capabilities.

Ever increasing and diverse range of products

Technologies progress and trends evolve rapidly in our ever-changing world today.

What may seem like an innovative gift idea just months ago can be quickly put out of trend by newer ones within a blink of the eye.

While some gifts are evergreen and never get old, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead with a gift that suggests your brand is out of touch with the market’s prevailing tastes.

A good gift supplier can help you alleviate that embarrassment, by providing you a constantly updated catalogue of products with enough range and diversity so that there is always a suitable option for whatever your gifting need of the moment may be.

Competitive pricing

While pricing should never be your top and only consideration for choosing which corporate gifts suppliers to work with, you wouldn’t want to be paying unnecessary premium for service and items that most of the providers in the market can offer at a much lower rate.

The right vendor would understand your budgetary constraints and work to offer you the best possible gift ideas and options that make the most bang for your buck.

A corporate gifts suppliers that thinks for your pocket is one to keep.

Prompt delivery

In business, timeliness is everything and it’s no exception with corporate gift delivery.

An unexpected delay can mess up your schedule and negatively affect related marketing efforts, not to say about the potential embarrassment that the delay may bring to your brand and your reputation.

A reliable and competent gift supplier would be able to transparently and honestly advise you on a firm delivery schedule, and once agreed upon, commits to getting it met, usually earlier and ahead of the deadline.

The vendor’s ability to meet this condition also speaks volumes of its capability to organise and coordinate resources, and whether it is the right partner that you can continue to engage for future projects.

Customization capabilities

Regardless of which vendor you end up working with, a large portion – if not all – of their gift inventory is coming from the same source country.

As such, simply being able to provide you with the gift items is not enough; the vendor must be able to demonstrate additional value-add to the process.

An important aspect of procuring corporate gifts is the ability to customise and alter the presentation of the base gift item, so that the final result comes across as unique and representative of the message and values that your brand advocates.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of the customisation options that your vendor can offer you, be it logo printing, laser engraving, custom molding, or item wrapping and box packaging.

Regular updates of latest gift options

As we have mentioned earlier, there are always new gift ideas and options coming out to the market and you can’t be aware of them all.

But a good gift supplier would have a firm grasp on the movements and new things that come up in the business gift industry.

The supplier would then be able to share such updates with you, so that you’re kept abreast of the new possibilities that may be part of your next corporate gifting project.

Having a vendor that proactively shares such information with you is extremely beneficial to ensuring that your marketing efforts operate at the highest levels possible.

Professional conduct

Procuring corporate gifts can be a daunting endeavor and sometimes you can be overwhelmed with doubts and questions that you need clear answers to.

Your chosen gift vendor should be professional and patient enough to guide you through all the confusion that you may have, and offer you straight-up answers.

Your gift supplier should also have the professional integrity to correct your misconceptions and provide alternatives, instead of being just a “yes man” and carry out all your requests without considering their implications, only to retort you “oh, because that’s what you told me to do” when things turn sour.

Looking for the Right Gift Partner?

Gatewin Marketing is a Singapore-based corporate gift supplier with over 25 years of experience and puts ourselves up against the above mentioned criteria with every project that we undertake.

Talk to us today and see how we can help you produce the best business gifts that your clients will remember you by.


Picking the right corporate gifts suppliers is an important step to ensuring that your business gifting project is a successful one.

But it does not have to be difficult, if you take into account the factors listed above.

By benchmarking your shortlisted gift suppliers against this list of considerations, you will soon identify the right partner for you, giving a boost to your marketing efforts for years to come.

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